“I do not have a green thumb at all, and I was given a palm as a gift, and I almost let it die. I started using Natures fluid, and I could see a difference in just a few days. This product is just so simple to use, even I can’t screw up using it. My palm is almost 4’ tall now and doing great!”

C. Henderson, Livingston, TX

On May 30, 2011 we bailed (4-5 round bails) on an 18 acre field. This field was not fertilized for 3 years or more before we started to use it as our hay field. We bailed 8 (4-5 round bails) very disappointed in this field.

In June of 2011 Bill Strange told us to use his product, Nature’s Fluid. We had tried Nature’s Fluid on our garden and was very pleased with the results. We used Nature’s Fluid on the hay field, and as everyone knows we had a drought “NO RAIN” The results were amazing. "The grass was ready to bail first week of September 2011. We bailed 28 (4-5 round bails). I know without using Nature’s Fluid there would have been low or lower results again. " Thank You

Pat Gueringer, Grant, LA

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