How it works

How Does Natures Fluid Work?

WHAT: Natures Fluid is an all natural and all organic root stimulant and fertilizer that is taken into the roots and through the foliage. Apply like a heavy dew. It is a natural quick response formulation of micro nutrients and natural levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

INITIAL RESPONSE: When applied to the foliage like a heavy dew, uptake begins immediately and is completed in three to four hours. Natures Fluid quickly and effectively mobilizes nutrients to show response within 24 hours. The nutrients in Natures Fluid will feed a plant typically for five to seven days. Excessive watering will dilute the nutrients the same as with any fertilizer .

“TEAM” LEADER: These actions make Natures Fluid an excellent foundation for a balanced foliar fertilization program even for flowers and plants that need a special soil amendment program.

ECONOMY: The least contribution that Natures Fluid will make is to amend the soil with needed nutrients and in many applications Natures Fluid will reduce the amount of needed additives such as insecticides and nutrients needed by certain flowers, fruits and vegetable crops.

As a rooting stimulant soil amendment and blooming agent Natures Fluid promotes new growth. As needed, apply at a greater strength (up to 4 X strength) initially for plant in distress To stimulate new growth.

SAFETY: When as directed, Natures Fluid will not burn plants. Remember that it is derived from natural humus of horse manure and humus of vegetation.

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