1 Quart 10x Concentrate – Makes 11 Quarts


Works well for small garden beds. Dilute 10:1 with clean water to make 11 Quarts. Free shipping.



10x concentration makes 11 quarts when mixed 10:1 water:Nature's Fluid.

  • Great for start-up garden, shrubs, and small garden beds up to 5 x 10 feet.
  • Great for amending the soil.
  • Excellent for transporting small fruit trees.
  • Great for germinating seeds.
  • $6.46/gallon ($0.05/oz).

5 Pounds of CoCo Coir pith

The first 20 gardeners that order the gallon 10X Nature's Fluid will get a one pound sample of CoCo Coir pith, a mulch that holds seven times its weight in water and/or nutrients such as Nature's Fluid. Use Promo Code:


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