“I started using Nature’s Fluid in my vegetable garden this year. I mix it 50/50 and I spray the product on it. I had 12-15 green bean plants and recently picked off of 5 of the plants. From that I canned 32 pints of green beans. My cucumber plants were wilted and looking very bad, I used the product and within a few days I picked cucumbers. My okra doubled in plant size and so did my tomatoes. The tomatoes are the best we have ever had, and the biggest we have ever had. Had a house plant that a friend gave me, it was about dead, I sprayed it with Nature’s fluid and it is blooming and beautiful. I have pictures to show the size of tomatoes and green beans. I tell everyone about this. This is a product every gardener should use!”

Betty and Tomatoes, Betty's Okra, Betty's Giant Tomato, Betty Thomas, Cleveland, TX