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Only two Words Describe Nature's Fluid SIMPLE and EASY To Use.

On May 30, 2011 we bailed (4-5 round bails) on an 18 acre field. This field was not fertilized for 3 years or more before we started to use it as our hay field. We bailed 8 (4-5 round bails) very disappointed in this field. In June of 2011 Bill Strange told us to use his product, Nature’s Fluid. We had tried Nature’s Fluid on our garden and was very pleased with the results. We used Nature’s Fluid on the hay field, and as everyone knows we had a drought “NO RAIN” The results were amazing. “The grass was ready to bail first week of September 2011. We bailed 28 (4-5 round bails). I know without using Nature’s Fluid there would have been low or lower results again. “
Thank You
Pat Gueringer
Grant, La.
“I do not have a green thumb at all, and I was given a palm as a gift, and I almost let it die. I started using Natures fluid, and I could see a difference in just a few days. This product is just so simple to use, even I can’t screw up using it. My palm is almost 4’ tall now and doing great!”
C. Henderson
Livingston, TX
“Many of our potted plants were starting to die, and nothing I was trying was working. Someone suggested trying Nature’s Fluid, and I did. Now my plants are doing great.”
R Tibbetts
Coldsprings, TX
“I have used Nature’s Fluid on pepper plants and my wife’s prized plants. I am getting more peppers on one plant than most people get in a whole row! The flavors of the peppers have been a pleasant bonus, and my wife’s plants are the talk of the neighborhood. Nature’s Fluid is a Godsend!”
P. Vandver
Tarkington, TX
“My fruit trees, grapevines, and garden veggies did better than I ever expected when I tried Nature’s Fluid!”
O. Casey
Cleveland, TX
“My pea patch went wild! I picked all I could use and gave that much more away thanks to Nature’s Fluid.”
Cleveland, TX
“I didn’t think my pepper plant would ever stop making peppers!”
Cleveland, TX
“Even though we had a short rainfall season our garden still produced plenty thanks to Nature’s Fluid.”
J & P
Dayton, TX
“We had a pear tree 8 years old that had never produced any pears. Once we tried Nature’s Fluid it had branches about to break with so many pears, it’s amazing stuff.”
C & J
Houston, TX
“We gathered 400+ tomatoes from 8 plants, great stuff!”
D. A.
Conroe, TX
“I had a rose bush that was several years old I was about to dig it up due to not making roses. A friend suggested I try Nature’s Fluid. Within a short time it had buds all over and then big beautiful red roses thanks Nature’s Fluid!”
B. N.
Channelview, TX
“I tried putting Nature’s Fluid on part of my garden and used what I normally use on the other part; Nature’s Fluid out performed it by far!”
R. P.
Channelview, TX
“I started using Nature’s Fluid in my vegetable garden this year. I mix it 50/50 and I spray the product on it. I had 12-15 green bean plants and recently picked off of 5 of the plants. From that I canned 32 pints of green beans. My cucumber plants were wilted and looking very bad, I used the product and within a few days I picked cucumbers. My okra doubled in plant size and so did my tomatoes. The tomatoes are the best we have ever had, and the biggest we have ever had. Had a house plant that a friend gave me, it was about dead, I sprayed it with Nature’s fluid and it is blooming and beautiful. I have pictures to show the size of tomatoes and green beans. I tell everyone about this. This is a product every gardener should use!”
Betty and Tomatoes  
Betty’s Okra  
Betty’s Giant Tomato! 
Betty Thomas
Cleveland, TX
First of all I would like to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your test group with your fertilizer.
We put out the fertilizer on my place on June 3rd during the hot drought in hopes of getting a little rain the weather man was talking about. We missed the rain but we got the fertilizer and I learned something about your product that I probably would not have believed if I hadn’t seen it myself. Even as hot and dry as it was after a week you could see the difference in the color of the grass and in the area where the Bermuda grass was fairly thick you could see that it was getting some thicker. The other thing that really caught my attention was that my horses were staying in the pasture grazing more and not hanging out at the barn waiting on feed.
Around the 16th of June we got a fair one day rain that was a blessing and after that rain you again could see the grass green up and now my horses don’t even come up unless I go out and call them up. I have two mares that have a few years on them and even in this heat and dry conditions that we are in now they are putting on weight with grazing only. After the rain I have been able to identify areas in the pasture where the grass has thickened up.
Of the three different mixtures that were applied on my pasture I can say that the #2 mixture is the one that my horses are most responsive too. At just about any time of the day you can find two or three in this area and from there the go to the number three mixture.
I do believe that your product is something that all farmers and ranchers can benefit from, I believe it put nutrients into the soil that not only benefits the soil and grass but it also helps produce a productive grass for the betterment of any livestock that may graze it. I believe it will be very productive on a hay field, production wise as for as the amount of hay the field will produce and to me most of all feed wise to livestock I feed it to.
JD Giddens
G3 Quarter Horses