Using Nature’s Fluid

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Your Thumb Just Got a Whole Lot Greener

With Nature’s Fluid, your thumb just got a whole lot greener. With over 100 types of plant fertilizers already crowding the market you may find it hard to choose the right one for you. For a beginning gardener, you may find it intimidating to even know where to start. Go to almost any other company that sells plant food and your head can spin with all the different products and things you need to do. This may be good for helping these companies sell you a dozen different products… but does it really help your plants?

Even if you aren’t an expert gardener, you’ll be getting expert results in no time with Nature’s Fluid! The simple truth is that you can get superior results from our one simple product than with the complicated array of fertilization tactics other companies will try to sell you. Nature's Fluid makes gardening easy with one ALL purpose, All natural, All organic solution.​No need to track several different chemicals for each stage of a plants development. Just spray on Natures Fluid as needed to sustain growth.

“I do not have a green thumb at all, and I was given a palm as a gift, and I almost let it die. I started using Natures fluid, and I could see a difference in just a few days. This product is just so simple to use, even I can’t screw up using it. My palm is almost 4’ tall now and doing great!” - C. Henderson, Livingston, TX

Easy to Use!

Nature’s Fluid comes ready to use in concentrate formula. Simply add water, swirl and you are ready to spray it on your plants. We give recommended usage amounts; but the good news is that Nature’s Fluid is so naturally balanced that you can’t overuse it! "Burn Testing" shows that it will not burn or damage roots and leaves. So even a novice gardener can begin to get amazing results immediately. Follow our recommendations or spray as often as you like to promote healthy, natural growth. Nature’s Fluid is the right all purpose (NO Chemicals added) all organic fertilizer that will not harm your plants and is safe for you and your pets as well.

“Many of our potted plants were starting to die, and nothing I was trying was working. Someone suggested trying Nature’s Fluid, and I did. Now my plants are doing great.” - R. Tibbetts, Coldsprings, TX

Superior Results

Whether just starting out or an experienced gardener, everyone is growing to love Nature’s Fluid because of its results. Nature’s Fluid has been greenhouse tested against all the leading alternatives. Its results are astounding. There is finally an organic solution that that is affordable and easy to use that produces superior results. But don’t take our word for it. Read real testimonials from happy customers and better yet, try it for yourself and see amazing results! In no time you’ll see why everyone is growing to love Nature’s Fluid!

“I have used Nature’s Fluid on pepper plants and my wife’s prized plants. I am getting more peppers on one plant than most people get in a whole row! The flavors of the peppers have been a pleasant bonus, and my wife’s plants are the talk of the neighborhood. Nature’s Fluid is a Godsend!” - Vandver, Tarkington, TX

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